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Here are Fascinating Facts About Delhi.

If you are planning to visit India, Delhi its capital city should be on your bucket list. In Delhi you will find fascinating building, friendly locals and delicious meals. Below are interesting facts about Delhi.

One thing you cannot ignore about Delhi, it’s the history. From the history of Delhi you will know it has been occupied several times. Many empires have made Delhi its capital city. Historians believe that Delhi has been settled for more than s thousand years.

Did you know after Tokyo, Delhi is the second most populated city? It has close to 26.5 million inhabitants. If you include people who take cheap flights to Delhi, view here it would be higher. The population is expected to rise by the year 2030.
Thirdly, Delhi is one of the greenest cities in the world. To reduce air pollution, everything in Delhi runs on eco-friendly compressed natural gas. There are several parks and trees in Delhi.

Did you know the tallest brick minaret is found in Delhi. The beautiful Qutub Minar looks good even from far. Due to the stampede in 1981, you cannot be able to enjoy the views from the top.

There are several theories about where the name Delhi come from. There was a king who ruled in the 50BC called Raju Dhillu or Dilu, most people believe the name originated from there. There is also another theory which believes the name come from a Hindu word dheela which means loose.

Did you know Delhi has 2 of the largest market in Asia? Are you a fan of spices? You can shop them in Delhi at a wholesale price. Apart from spices, Delhi has the largest market in Asia for fruits and vegetables. Watching the vendors selling the species, fruits and vegetables is actually a fan activity.

Delhi has the second-best metro system in the world. You can use the metro system to take you around when in Delhi. Buying new tickets every time you use the metro system can be a lot of work, instead opt for the metro card.

Delhi is also home to the largest mosque in India. When you visit Delhi, ensure you visit the mosque its called Jama Masjid. It was built in the 17th century, it has several domes and entrances and two looming minarets. If you are planning to visit the mosque when in Delhi, pack a scarf.

Delhi is a home to several historical sites and museums, but what thing you cannot ignore it’s the museum dedicated to toilets. It is called the sulabh international museum of toilets, it displays every kind of toilet that you can imagine. It portrays how India has sanitation issues.

The Baha’i temple should be on your bucket list when you visit Delhi. Apart from the design, this temple is also unique since people from all religions can pray there.