Weight Loss Tips for Women in their 30s

As a young girl, older women might tell you to appreciate the body you have because it’ll change when you get older. However, most young girls don’t listen. Unfortunately, there’s a change that happens in the late 20s to the early 30s. The food you once ate now irritates your skin. You’re not able to eat junk food without experiencing an increase on the scale. Now, as you enter your 30s, you notice that it’s increasingly difficult to lose weight. Don’t be discouraged. Not only is it possible to lose the weight, but it’s possible to keep it off. If you are in this predicament, consider these weight loss tips.

1. Avoid diets. Stick with lifestyle changes.
Diets are fickle. It’s easy to fall off of one. It’s even easier to forget that you’re on a diet. Knowing this, it’s best to focus on maintaining a lifestyle that’s healthier. When you try to stick with a diet, this can leave you feeling deprived and cheated. In most cases, people end up falling off of the diet, bingeing on the food they really wanted and end up worse than when they started. Instead of going down that terrible path, gradually eliminate foods that you don’t want to eat as much of. As you eliminate those foods, replace them with tasty yet healthy options. This way, you won’t feel deprived. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss goals for a long period of time.

2. Take supplements.
As a kid, you might’ve had parents who intentionally gave you multi-vitamins each day to keep your body healthy. Now, you’re in adulthood. It’s your responsibility to make sure you take your supplements. Supplements are excellent to help you get all of the nutrients in your system. In addition to a daily multi-vitamin, it’s a great idea to take a supplement that your body is needing more of. If you feel like you could use a boost in energy, a Vitamin B12 supplement can help tremendously. If you’re in a position where you want help with regulating your blood sugar levels, magnesium is an awesome supplement to take. You can get your magnesium supplements online from Health365.

3. Get lots of quality sleep.
Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. If you don’t know how many hours your body needs in order to thrive, start going to bed earlier. Take note of the time your body naturally wakes up. Some people only need six hours. Other people need eight hours. Don’t try to cheat your body out of rest. When you’re able to sleep well each night, this repairs your body and allows you to lose weight with more ease.

4. Drink tons of water.
Water is essential to the body’s ability to operate efficiently. If you find that your body is sluggish and you’re eating well, chances are you need more water in your system. Take a look at your urine each day. If it’s a dark yellow color, this is not a good thing. Your urine should always be clear or a light yellow color. Oftentimes, people eat food thinking they are hungry when in reality, they just need to drink more water. Water has no calories. The more you drink, the more satiated you’ll feel.

5. Consume healthy snacks.
Sure, it might be tempting to snack on tons of cookies, cakes and chips. However, these sugar-laden options are terrible for your body. Instead, find satiating options that are healthy. Cut an apple into slices. Enjoy the slices with some almond butter. If you like cucumbers, cut up a bunch of slices. Dip them in balsamic vinaigrette for a savory snack. If you really need a crunchy snack, enjoy a handful of pretzels with some roasted red pepper hummus.

6. Find workouts you enjoy.
Your workouts play an important role in your ability to lose weight. Always remain active. Find ways to move every single day. Whether it’s a workout at the gym or a walk around the neighborhood, get the heart rate up to help you burn those calories.