Life-Saving Jewelry

Having a chronic or serious illness is hard enough, and if there’s a way to make things easier for the person diagnosed then it’s a good idea to try it. Wearing an engraved medical id can be an important step to take once you are diagnosed in order to help get you the care you need should something ever happen.

What are they?

A medical ID is a special type of bracelet or necklace that a person can wear. It can alert medical professionals or even good samaritans to a medical condition that the person may have should the person be found in a condition where they are unable to speak for themselves. They can also list an ICE contact, which is the person you can call in an emergency.

Who should wear them?

Medical ID jewelry is made for a wide variety of conditions. They can be engraved to cover things like life-threatening allergies, seizure conditions, or other medical conditions like diabetes or autism. They can also list important medications that the person needs. All of this information can help passersby get that person the help they need if they are found passed out or injured. It can also alert them to things like a severe allergy to a medication so that the healthcare team knows not to administer that medication. Lastly, it can help for people with hearing, vision, or mental health issues because the person who responds may need to find alternative ways to communicate.

As you can see, there are several uses for people to wear an engraved medical id. It can help the medical staff provide more effective and efficient treatment, help people get in touch with crucial family members, and make sure that the necessary people are able to appropriately communicate with the person who needs help.